I write content that helps people know who you are and what you do — and makes them want to pay you for it. 

What Are You Looking For?

Blog Post Writing

Have you always wanted to add a blog to your site, but just can’t get to it? Turn the job over to me. It’s no secret that fresh, consistent content makes Google take notice of your site, ranking it for keywords and search terms. That’s why I don’t write filler content. Your blog posts will deliver value to your audience so they take notice. I always incorporate SEO best practices, using your keywords in a natural context.

Book Writing Service

Open up new marketing channels with your own branded book. Let me custom-write a book that educates your audience, builds your credibility, and promotes your products and services. You can trust me to deliver a high quality, ready-to-publish book that reflects your brand and message.

Web Pages

I will write custom web page copy in your brand’s unique voice – all while employing the latest on-page SEO standards. I’ve written pages and pages of web copy across a variety of industries, so I know what it takes to boost engagement and your online presence.

Amazon Book Publishing Services

Earn more revenue by self-publishing a book on Amazon. Use your book as a value-added service for your clients, to increase credibility in your industry and boost your reputation in your market. Once you set up your Amazon KDP account, I’ll create your listing, write an optimized description and upload your book on your behalf.

Email Writing

Targeted email campaigns are a personal way to engage with your contact list and reach out to your prospects – but they need to be thoughtfully written. Not spammy. Whether your goal is to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase sales or grow your online audience, I will write emails that encourage readers to open and click through.

Content Planning

Keywords are one of the primary components of writing content that builds your online presence and makes your content discoverable. I am skilled in using the top research tools on the web including SEMRush, KWFinder, and BuzzSumo. I select cost-effective keywords, generate topic ideas and write optimized headlines.  Add this service to your order to maximize the possibility of ranking organically on Google. 

Sales Pages

Do you need to create a persuasive landing page for an upcoming promotion or product launch?  Need effective sales writing for your product or service? I will craft a targeted message with a call to action that helps you attract more business.

Training Manuals/Technical Writing

Save your readers from the burden of sifting through repetitive, overly technical text. I am an expert at transforming complicated technical content into a succinct and user-friendly message.

White Paper/Authority Guide Writing

I view every white paper I write as part of a bigger picture – of making you an expert in your niche and attracting new customers. You want your white paper or authority guide to highlight your expertise. A poorly written one can do just the opposite. Don’t let that happen to you. I will draft an engaging white paper on your given subject. Boost your authority with robust information that helps your audience understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision. I’m dedicated to helping you build a credible reputation in your industry.

Keyword Research

Keywords are one of the primary components of writing content that builds your online presence and makes your content discoverable. Using the top research tools on the web including SEMRush, KWFinder, and BuzzSumo, I’ll provide a keyword research report that identifies the most cost-effective keyword possibilities for your brand. Next, I’ll select a primary keyword and write your content around that keyword to help maximize your organic traffic. Add this service to your order to maximize the possibility of ranking organically on Google. 

Online Course Writing

As an experienced instructional designer, I learn about the needs of your audience and consult with your subject matter experts to write a transforming course. While I don’t produce, edit or shoot video, I can write your video script or repurpose your existing video content to create an engaging training course. 

Product Descriptions

Since your customers can’t hold your product in their hands, the product description must make it come alive and make them hit the buy button. That’s why I go above and beyond writing about a product’s features. I show how your product solves customer problems using your brand’s unique style and voice. I use SEO best practices, with your researched keywords – without duplicating content for similar products.

Quality Standards

1.  All writing is free of misspellings, punctuation errors, and typos – Though we will at times take creative license and break a grammar rule now and then.

2.  Call to actions are present when appropriate.

3.  Keywords – either researched by me or provided by the client, are included appropriately and naturally throughout the text. Ideally, keywords should be placed in title and subheadings where appropriate.

4.  Keywords are bolded.

5.  All writing is verified to be plagiarism free through Copyscape Premium.

6.  Finished work adheres to the client specifications outlined when placing the order.

7.  All requested edits have been made according to the client’s request.

8.  The complexity of writing is neither too simplistic nor too difficult but in the middle. Research shows the 8th-grade reading level is best for search ranking purposes and user engagement.

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