Industry: Corporate Relocation

Project Type: Website Copy

About The Project

An international corporate relocation company based in Sweden had recently redesigned its corporate branding. They wanted to channel the new brand and helpfully guide its users into diving into its extensive website content. Through the website copy, they wanted to sell the value of their services to potential new clients and captivate people across cultures.

The Solution

We worked closely with company’s team to reflect its brand’s personality, differentiators, and offerings. We delivered new web copy site-wide which consistently and concisely conveys both their identity and value.

 The Power of Clarity


Corporate Refresh

The website now effectively channels its new brand site-wide.

Compelling Messaging

The content now engages visitors across cultures, communicates the company’s value and helps them connect with their customers.

Brand Enhancement

The new copy accurately, consistently, and concisely conveys both Nimmersion’s identity and its immense value.
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