Industry: Tech Security

Project Type: White Paper

About The Project

This global tech security company provides cloud security technology to large enterprises. They requested a white paper to advocate for its approach to managing data protection, data privacy and compliance while also influencing the reader to understand that they are the best solution.

The Solution

We used a corporate webinar as source material to accurately educate the audience on how to effectively navigate the issues of data privacy and compliance. We also needed to customize the writing style to address both IT executives and Human Resource executives.

Industry Leader In Cloud Security


Problem Identified

We drilled down into the facts to help the audience more clearly understand the problems that companies currently face in the area of data protection.

Clear Solution

While educating the audience on current issues in data security, privacy and compliance, the white paper also guides the audience into considering this company as the solution.

Equipping The Audience

We delivered highly technical information written clearly and concisely so that the audience could become more knowledgeable and make the best decision for the needs of their enterprise.
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