Industry: Tech Security

Project Type: White Paper

About The Project

A network security company located in Cupertino, California, is a leading worldwide provider of security vulnerability testing. To generate more clients, the company wanted to position itself as an industry authority. They requested a white paper that could be used as a sales tool for it’s IT Executive target market.

The Solution

We utilized the company’s existing documentation as source material to accurately educate the audience on the merits of vulnerability assessment. While not being too overwhelming, we delivered an informative and engaging white paper.

Industry Authority In Tech Security


Experts In The Industry

The company used the white paper as a tool to build their reputation as experts in the area of network vulnerability assessment.

Clear Benefits

While educating the audience on the general benefits of vulnerability assessment, the white paper also guides the audience into considering this company as the solution.

User-Friendly Balance

We delivered highly technical information in an educational and user-friendly format.
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