Industry: Retail Products

Project Type: Product Descriptions

About The Project

A consumer product seller needed optimized Amazon product listing descriptions that enticed shoppers to click and buy.

The Solution

We provided complete product descriptions with bullet points that highlighted the products features and benefits – making sure to use relevant keywords that customers would use when searching in the category. Using Amazon keyword research, we then expanded on the bullet points using complete sentences and keyword phrases to ensure it appeared in search results.

Optimized Product Listing

Entices the Online Shopper

The goal of the product description was to create the same sense of awareness and desire as a visit to a physical store.

Creates Interest

We focused not only on providing a complete and an accurate description but on personalizing the benefits to convince them this product is what they need.

Generates Traffic

By focusing on the content elements of the product page, we maximized the opportunity to get more customers to the listing.
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