Industry: Medical

Project Type: Blog Post

About The Project

A medical device manufacturer sought research based blog posts to educate surgeons, surgical healthcare professionals and hospitals. The company wanted the blog posts to increase their web presence and solidify their brand authority.

The Solution

Utilizing the data provided from the company’s research project, we crafted blog posts that allowed readers to understand the research findings and the implications for complying with industry regulations. The approachable writing style invited the audience to reach out and learn more.

Simplifying The Complex

Actionable Insights

We converted raw research data into meaningful insights for the audience, so they could consider new perspectives on operating room safety.

Content Creation

By working closely with the company’s principles, we delivered customized blog content to educate their target audience and optimize their marketing efforts.

Industry Leader

The goal was to set the brand apart from the competition as well as educate, inform and establish trust in the medical sharps safety industry.
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