Freelance Writing: Business Startup Kit




Are you ready to get your Freelance Writing business started? This kit gives you essential tools to your business off the ground quickly – all in one complete package.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Discover Your Specialty Worksheet Choosing a niche will set you up for success. Use this worksheet to determine your specialty.
  • Client Invoice Template Customize for your business so that you get paid on time for every job.
  • Client Quote Questionnaire How do you know what to charge for different types of projects? Use this questionnaire to help learn exactly what the client wants so that your jobs are profitable.
  • Proposal Template How do you move forward after meeting with a potential client? Use this template as a framework and adapt it for the needs of your project.
  • 3 Proposal Cover Letter Templates Acting quickly on jobs posted on Upwork is critical to getting interviews and winning jobs. Copy and paste these templates so they’re ready to go when you want to apply for the perfect job for you.
  • Letter of Agreement Template It’s important that you and your client have a clear understanding on what’s expected, what will be paid, and what is included. Customize this template for your projects so that you and your client are on the same page.
  • 4 Cold Outreach Email Templates You have your business set up, but how do you find clients? Use these proven templates to get clients.
  • Client Onboarding Trello Board. You had a meeting with a potential client. You just signed a new client. Now what? This Trello Board will help you manage your on boarding clients.
  • 12 Month Blogging Planner Spreadsheet. How do you plan out your blog topics ahead of time for your clients and for yourself? This Google Sheet will help you do just that.


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