When I was searching for the best Goldendoodle grooming tips that I could use at home, my local groomer had all the answers. Before I owned a Goldendoodle, I had no idea how important grooming is to keep them happy and healthy.

Professional grooming is gets expensive. I learned that taking a few steps at home helps to prolong the time in between grooming appointments. Plus, when you bring a dog with severe matting to a groomer, it will be more costly.

Goldendoodles are popular for their hypoallergenic and low shedding coats, but they require a lot of grooming and maintenance. If you neglect regular brushing and trimming, your Goldendoodle will end up with a tangled, matted coat.

With the right tools and techniques, some simple touch-ups at home will keep your doodle looking his best between grooms. 

In this article, I share the best Goldendoodle grooming tips I learned from my groomer. I talk more about at-home grooming of my F1B Goldendoodle, Kai, here on this video.

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Best Goldendoodle Grooming Tips To Prevent Matting 

One of the most important Goldendoodle grooming tips is this: consistent brushing. If you do this one thing everyday, you’ll prevent the dreaded shave down. That’s why I give Kai little trims and brush him consistently in between grooming appointments. Keep in mind, this does not replace a professional groomer. It just helps keep him clean and healthy before his next groom.

If you decide to try out any of these tools, make sure you take it slow and take lots of breaks. When using scissors on your dog, safety is the most important!!

Brushing a Goldendoodle takes time. I combine regular brushing at home with professional grooming every six weeks or so. I do basic brushing and simple trimming at home.  Kai also visits a groomer for complete bathing, nail trimming, and enhancing the overall shape of the haircut.

Whether you prefer a teddy bear haircut or a poodle style, a groomer will provide the proper care that you can’t do at home.

How To Avoid Shaving Your Goldendoodle

Regular brushing is the most important step you can take to prevent matting in your Goldendoodle. When I asked professional groomers for their best Goldendoodle grooming tips, they all said the same thing: Regular brushing three to four times a week.

A groomer can’t avoid shaving a severely matted coat. So make sure you start brushing your puppy at an early age to get him comfortable with it. 

Just before Kai’s first trip to the groomer, I noticed he had a lot of matting behind his ears and on his belly. I didn’t understand just how important it is to start early brushing a Goldendoodle puppy on a regular basis. The mats developed quickly.

It was impossible for the groomer to detangle him, so he had to shave those areas. He had to cut his hair pretty close which made him look more like a poodle. I wanted to keep his puppy look with a teddy bear haircut, so I was disappointed.

When discussing Goldendoodle grooming tips, groomers emphasize that matting is actually painful to dogs. To make matters worse, mats are almost impossible to brush out.

I learned the hard way that you can’t skip regular brushing.

Brushing needs to become part of your daily routine as a Goldendoodle owner. 

Both Kai and Zuma are F1B Goldendoodles and have teddy bear haircuts.

Goldendoodle Grooming Tools To Keep At Home

Professional Goldendoodle grooming tips may sound complicated, but it’s not as hard as you might think. All you need is to have the right tools and supplies to give your dog simple trims before your next appointment.  Dog grooming supplies can be really expensive. I searched Amazon and found more affordable versions of the tools professional dog groomers use.

It’s important to have the right grooming tools at home. This helps properly maintain a doodle at home in between visits to the groomer.

The Best Brush For Goldendoodles

My groomer explained why Goldendoodles develop matted spots and recommended the best brush for Goldendoodles. This is a very specific type of dog slicker brush that has helped me put these Goldendoodle grooming tips into practice. It has made all the difference!

This brush has long, angled pins which allow you to penetrate to the base of the coat. Otherwise, you end up just brushing over the surface.

The Chris Christensen pro version is the top choice of the pros, but I opted for the more affordable one.

Kai is an F1b Goldendoodle and has a soft, fluffy coat. It’s more on the curly side than Zuma’s wavy coat. We used the brush on both Kai and Zuma, and it worked great for both of them.

I’ve been brushing Kai a few times a week. Now that he’s more accustomed to it, he seems to like it.

Helpful Dog Grooming Maintenance Tools

A good detangling spray can help work out any early signs of matting or tangling. I like this one from BioSilk because I’ve used the human version on my own hair for years.

I love it! Not only does it help with detangling, but BioSilk adds shine and smells so good.

My groomer also recommends a large steel tooth comb to help with preventing tangles as the hair grows. 

Thoroughly Wash and Dry Your Goldendoodle

One of the best Goldendoodle grooming tips I’ve learned is that It’s extremely important to dry and brush your Goldendoodle after getting wet!! Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with matting before you know it. So take the time to wash and dry your doodle after trips to the beach or other water-related activities.

When bathing, use a quality dog shampoo. I highly recommend this shampoo that is specific for curly or wavy coats. It helps minimize tangling and gives the hair an added lift.

Avoid using human shampoos on dogs. They don’t have the same pH balance that dogs need and can could cause skin irritation.

Here’s what Kai looked like after a beach day a few weeks ago. 


To prevent matting, we make sure to wash, dry, and brush Kai after beach days.

We gave him a bath and dried him as soon as we got home to avoid matting. His coat is still in great condition.

This deshedding tool is a cult favorite for many types of shedding dogs and is wildly popular. For F1 Goldendoodles or doodles with a coat similar to a Golden Retriever or Labrador, it may work well.

Different Types of Goldendoodles Have Different Types of Coats

If you’re not sure which type of Goldendoodle you have, you can read about the different variations here. However, deshedding tools do not work on wavy or curly non-shedding doodles. De-shedders do not get to the base of the hair to prevent matting.

If you have a shedding dog, use a de-matting tool when necessary to remove stubborn matted areas. This tool works well for thicker coats, and this de-matting set provides three different types of tools that you can use together depending on the area and type of coat.

Be careful when using deshedding or dematting tools. They usually contain a razor blade or sharp edge. Work slowly and carefully to protect your dog from injury. 

A dry shampoo comes in handy for freshening up and eliminating odors when a full bath isn’t necessary. I like Begley’s and BioSilk.

How To Put These Goldendoodle Grooming Tips Into Action: 

Goldendoodle Grooming Routine

How To Get a Teddy Bear Haircut For Your Goldendoodle

If you want your Goldendoodle to have a teddy bear haircut, you’ll want to be specific in describing what you want to the groomer. It’s a good idea to bring a picture so they know exactly what you have in mind.

For the teddy bear look, here’s what the professionals say you should ask for:

  • Shave a small notch between the eyes

  • Trim short around the ears and eyes

  • Trim around the muzzle with curved scissors

  • Blend around the face and ears

  • Shave evenly about one and a half to two inches in length all over the body

  • Trim the feet round

  • A long tail that is feathered and tapered towards the end

Kai is the ultimate teddy bear dog!

The Best Trimming Tools For Goldendoodles

To keep up the teddy bear haircut for a Goldendoodle, you can carefully trim your dog’s face if you have the right tools. First, you’ll need a pair of rounded grooming scissors to safely trim around the eyes and nose. The curved shape is important for trimming around the muzzle. It will help achieve a uniform look, and the rounded ends are safer around the eyes.

Keep in mind that even though there are no dangerous sharp ends, you still need to be very careful when using scissors. You  don’t want to accidentally hurt your dog.

Think Safety First When Trimming Your Dog At Home

Be extra careful to not cut the skin when trimming the ears. Make sure you check how long the hair extends past the end of the ear so that you don’t cut too close and clip the skin!

You’ll also need some thinning shears to blend the blunt hair on the head and face after you cut it. Using thinning shears around the face helps create that teddy bear look.

Consistency is key! With the right grooming tools and a regular brushing routine, taking care of your Goldendoodle’s coat should be an easy process. The main thing is to find a balance that works for you and keeps your pup happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Essential Tools for Goldendoodle Grooming

Preparing for a new Goldendoodle puppy? Check out my list of 15 essential items I used for Kai.

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