Creative entrepreneurs who soar above the rest see a problem and think of a new way to solve it. They have the ability to visualize the solution and create ways to implement it. They’re gifted with creativity. In fact, creativity is often a predictor of success. Without new ideas, new companies would never exist. But what if you’re not an especially creative person? Not to worry – everyone has creative potential.

With all of the emphasis on tech today, many people undervalue creativity. In fact, it’s a skill that many companies have trouble finding.

Creativity Is Like A Muscle

In fact, you can improve and strengthen your creative thought process. You can train your mind to be more creative. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “use it or lose it” when it comes to exercise. If you’re accustomed to exercising every day, you know how important it is to keep it up. Studies show it only takes two weeks of inactivity before your fitness level starts to decline. The same holds true for your mental fitness. The more you exercise the mind, the stronger it becomes, and more ideas are born. Mind mapping, brainstorming ideas are popular ways to keep the creative ideas flowing.

Set Yourself Up For Creativity

Your environment can play a big role in how creative you are. One of the quickest ways to kill creativity is a cluttered office or workspace.  Disorganization is distracting and can make you feel overwhelmed. So clean your office, organize your desk, and design a work area that suits your personality. 

Read on for more ideas on becoming an idea machine and keeping your idea muscles in tip-top shape.

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