For the past year, I’ve been in search of the best dog treats. I had three reasons. First, my Goldendoodle gets bored with his treats, making it tough to find training treats that he would respond to. Second, I wanted to find calming treats for my dog for trips in the car. Third, I was in search of the best dog chews that didn’t upset Kai’s stomach.

So, here are the results of my one-year search for the best dog training treats, dog calming treats, and dog chews.

Best Dog Training Treats

1. Beef Lung Treats

Beef lung treats are my number one top recommendation for best dog treats. Our dog trainer first introduced us to them, and they’ve made a huge difference in Kai’s training. He never gets bored with them. They really get his attention! He’s getting so good about coming when to me when he’s off-leash, and it’s all because of these treats.

Note: As with any new dog food, I recommend you introduce beef lung treats slowly because they did upset his stomach at first. You can break them up into small pieces so that you don’t give your dog too much at once.

Zesty Paws

While there are many brands out there, they all seem to be very similar. I’ve found the best price for beef lung treats is this one here on Amazon

2. Zukes Crunchy Naturals

Next on my top picks for best dog treats for training purposes is Zukes Crunchy Naturals. I’ve tried several types of Zukes soft training treats, but I discovered that Kai likes crunchy treats. He just seems to like the sound and almost exaggerates it when he’s eating them. 

3. Freeze Dried Beef Liver Training Treats

This bag of liver treats is another great option. It’s a great value with simple ingredients. I like the small size because they’re easy to transport and don’t crumble inside my pocket. They work well for training because they keep Kai’s attention.

If you don’t have an an Amazon account, or if your dog doesn’t end up loving these treats as much as Kai does, Chewy also has a great selection of several types of training and behavior products. Plus, they offer 30% off your first autoship and other discounts with their auto-ship program.

Best Calming and Anti Anxiety Treats for Dogs

4. Zesty Paws Calming Bites

Zesty Paws Calming Bites is my top choice for the best dog treats to ease nerves on long car rides. Our Goldendoodle Kai gets very anxious when riding in the car, and I have found these treats are helpful. 

They don’t completely take away his anxiety, but they help. I’m not sure any treat will completely take away his anxiety in the car, but I’m willing to do anything I can to help ease his nerves as much as possible!

If you like to buy your dog supplies on Amazon, they also have them here.

5. NaturVet Quiet Moments

Number two on my list of best dog treats for calming behavior is NaturVet Quiet Moments. They are soft chews that contain melatonin, ginger, L-Tryptophan and thiamin to help reduce tension and stress. Again, they don’t completely take away his anxiety, but they help. 

6. PetHonesty Advanced Calming Hemp Treats

Rounding out my list of best dog treats that ease anxiety is PetHonesty Advanced Calming Hemp Treats. One of my main requirements for calming treats is that they be non-sedating. I don’t want to give Kai anything that’s going to make him too groggy or sleepy to be able to have fun with us.

These treats are a slightly stronger calming formula, yet still safe, gentle, and non-sedating. Some of the main ingredients are: Hemp Seed Powder, Valerian Root, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Chamomile, and L-Tryptophan.

Best Dog Chews to Keep Your Dog Busy

7. Nylabone

Nylabones are still one of Kai’s favorite things to chew on. They keep him very busy! That makes them one of my top picks for best dog treats. He especially likes this flavored textured one. Since Kai doesn’t cooperate well for teeth brushing, the texture helps keeps his teeth clean and promotes healthy gums.

He also really likes these edible chew treats. They’re kind of like a bone, but essentially a dog treat since they’re edible.

8. Zesty Paws Calming Orastix

Even though this could qualify as a calming treat, I put the Zesty Paws Calming Orastix in the dog chew category. They are a combo treat/chew that contains hemp seed, melatonin, and chamomile.

These sticks satisfy the need for chewing which helps alleviate stress. I find they work well when Kai needs a distraction so he can settle down with something to keep him busy. Plus, they’re helpful for overall teeth and gum health. 

You can get them directly on the Zesty Paws website, or on Amazon.

9. Yak Cheese Dog Chews

Finally, this list would not be complete without Yak Cheese Dog Chews. With their limited ingredients, they’re highly digestible. Because they have a hard consistency, Yak chews last a long time. Kai can devour most chews pretty quickly, so they work well for him.

When the hard cheese chew comes in contact with saliva, it softens enough to encourage chewing. For this reason, Yak chews help reduce tartar and plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth and gums. It also helps improve doggie breath!

When Kai gets to the end of the chew, I make sure to take it away from him because it could be a choking hazard. Plus, when you heat the small piece in the microwave, it puffs up and extends it a little further.

10. Trader Joes Dog Biscuit Mix

If you’d like to bake your own dog treats, Trader Joe’s makes it easy. I used this mix to make dog treats for Kai’s first birthday

I’ve discovered all of these dog treats through trial and error. In fact, I have a lot of unused treats on hand that Kai doesn’t like at all or got bored with. While every dog is unique, I hope my recommendations for the best dog treats can help you find what works best for your pup!



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