After searching for the best brush for Goldendoodle, I’ve learned that not all dog brushes are created equal. I’ve tried countless brushes for my Goldendoodle with curly hair, and I know that your Doodle’s coat type will determine the best brush for you. That’s why I’ve compiled my top picks for the best brush for Goldendoodle based on coat type.

There are three different types of Goldendoodle coats: curly like a Poodle, wavy, or straight like a Golden Retriever. Each type of Goldendoodle coat has varying levels of shedding. They all need regular brushing. If you neglect regularly brushing a Goldendoodle, your dog will become tangled and matted, which is uncomfortable and unhealthy for your dog. For this reason, you’ll want to choose a high-quality brush that works best for Goldendoodles.

Different Types of Dog Brushes for Goldendoodles

Depending on the type of coat, there are different brushes that work best for the Goldendoodle dog breed.

  • Slicker brush
  • Wire pin brush
  • Bristle brush
  • Deshedding Brush

No matter the kind of brush or grooming tool you choose, make sure it’s a durable, high-quality product that is comfortable for both you and your dog.

Zesty Paws

Slicker Brushes

For curly or wavy-haired Goldendoodles, a slicker brush is the best option for dog owners. Slicker brushes have flexible wire pins attached to a cushion. There are a variety of types of slicker brushes that come with varying lengths of pins. Slicker brushes work at separating the hairs and are useful for removing tangles and mats, which are a common problem for Doodles with dense coats. The pins can be harsh on the skin, so it’s important to be careful to avoid scratching the skin when using a slicker brush.

My Recommendations for the Best Slicker Brush for a Goldendoodle

All-Around Best:

Chris Christensen Big K Dog Slicker Brush

Recommended by my dog’s professional groomer, this miracle brush is absolutely the best slicker brush for a Goldendoodle. What makes it so different is the pins are longer than you’ll find on other slicker brushes. It has a cushioned pad that retracts and large, angled, scratch-free pins that grasp tangles and knots. It comes in both medium and large sizes. If your Goldendoodle has a thick coat or curly coat hair, the Chris Christensen slicker brush will save you time and energy when working through the coat. This slicker dog brush works well because of its long, angled bristles that get through to the hair root. It’s definitely more expensive than other brushes out there, but it’s worth the investment.

Best Budget Friendly Dupe:

Tuffer Than Tangles Slicker Brush with Long Soft Pins

This is a good dupe if you’re not looking to pay the higher price of the Chris Christensen.

Wire Pin Brushes

Wire pin brushes work well for separating the hair on Doodles with curly or woolly coats. The pins should be smooth and durable and should be attached to a high-quality cushion. Some pin brushes have protective ends on the pins which can be helpful in protecting the skin. Pin brushes are available in different densities and lengths.

My Recommendations for the Best Pin Brush for a Goldendoodle

All-Around Best:

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

For a professional quality dog brush, Chris Christensen is again my top choice. This pin brush is lightweight and made of durable beech wood. The stainless steel pins have the smoothest tips, and it has more pins than other pin brushes.

All-Around Best Runner-Up:

Chris Christensen Pin T-Brush

I like the slicker brush shape of the pin T-Brush because it helps provide more efficient brushing. The long, angled pins help you get to the root of the hair more effortlessly. I don’t know of any other brand that makes this unique style brush.

Best Budget Friendly Dupe:

Mars Professional Grooming Pin Brush

This lower-cost version of a pin brush has a Birchwood handle and stainless steel pins on a soft rubber pad.

Bristle Brushes

For Goldendoodles with long coats that resemble a Golden Retriever, a firm bristle brush can be a great choice. The best quality bristle brushes are crafted from boar bristle or a mixture of nylon and boar bristles. A Goldendoodle with soft hair needs soft bristles while a dog with coarse hair requires stiffer bristles. Keep in mind, bristle brushes do not work well on curly or wavy coated dogs.

My Recommendations for the Best Bristle Brush for a Goldendoodle

All-Around Best:

Chris Christensen Boar Bristle Dog Brush

This professional-quality dog brush has solid brass inner bristles with an outer row of Boar bristles to bring out the natural oils of the dog hair and enhance shine.

Best Budget Friendly Dupe:

Burts Bees Double Sided Pin & Hemp Bristle Dog Brush

At only $11.49, this durable bamboo wood brush has pins on one side and natural bristles on the other side. The soft bristles gently remove shedding hair and help bring out the shine in your dog’s coat.

Deshedding Tools

For straight coats, a de-shedding brush removes loose hair from the top coat so it doesn’t accumulate on your furniture or clothes.

My Recommendations for the Best Deshedding Tool for a Goldendoodle

All-Around Best:

Coastal Pet Safari Dog Dematting Comb

This dematting tool is designed for long or medium-haired dogs which makes it suitable for Goldendoodles. 

Understanding the Different Types of Goldendoodle Coats

Some types of Goldendoodle coats do not shed at all, while others may shed in varying amounts. It can be difficult to predict which of the three types of coats your adult Goldendoodle may have. I talk more about the different types of Goldendoodles here.

Curly Coated Goldendoodles

Type of brush: Slicker Brush

Brushing Schedule: Everyday

Goldendoodle who take after their Poodle parent may have a thick, curly coat that doesn’t shed at all. As a result, they are the most hypoallergenic. The length and tightness of the curls vary depending on the parents. They can be kinky locks or ringlets. It’s often easier to keep a curly coated Goldendoodle trimmed short for low maintenance. Slicker brushes are the best choice to separate the dense hair of curly coats and prevent matting. A curly coat Goldendoodle should be brushed every day.

Wavy Coated Goldendoodles

Type of brush: Slicker Brush or Wire Pin Brush

Brushing Schedule: Minimum Twice a Week

Wavy-coated Goldendoodles are known as the teddy bear coat. They usually have soft, loose curls and may shed minimally. It is a combination of the qualities of both the Poodle and Golden Retriever coats. Depending on the thickness of your dog’s coat, choose a slicker or wire pin brush to prevent tangles in a wavy coat. Wavy-coated Goldendoodles should be brushed at least twice a week.

Straight Coated Goldendoodles

Type of brush: Bristle Brush or Deshedding Brush

Brushing Schedule: Minimum Twice a Week

Goldendoodles that take after the Golden Retriever parent have longer, straighter coats and may shed a lot. It is the easiest to maintain since it doesn’t need constant brushing. Goldendoodles with straight coats moderately shed, but they don’t require as much grooming as the other two types of coats. A bristle brush is less harsh on the skin of a straight-haired Goldendoodle. A deshedding brush may also be helpful. Straight-coated Goldendoodles should be brushed a minimum of twice a week.

Brushing is Essential for Goldendoodles

I can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to regularly brush your Goldendoodle. It’s one of the most overlooked facts about owning a Goldendoodle. Some people make the mistake of thinking they can take their Goldendoodle to the groomer instead of brushing. Matting can happen quickly, especially with curly or dense coats. If you don’t brush your doodle enough, the groomer will need to shave your dog. Trust me. You won’t like how your dog looks if that happens. I made this mistake, so trust me, I know.

Don’t let this happen to you:

This is what happened to Kai when I made this mistake. I was so sad when I brought him home. I highly suggest you brush your Doodle EVERYDAY to keep this from happening to you!!

best brush for Goldendoodle
Side note: My other BIG mistake was going to Petsmart for grooming, and I will NEVER go there again!!! (I could not get an appointment with my regular groomer who would not have made Kai look this bad.)

Fortunately, Kai’s hair has now grown out again, but it’s taking a long time to get his teddy bear shaped face back!

I talk more about how to take care of your Doodle’s coat in between grooming appointments here.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Goldendoodle Brush

Type of Handle

The best Goldendoodle brushes have wooden handles. Wood absorbs oils from the dog’s skin, distributing it through the coat while brushing. While less expensive, plastic handles are usually inferior in quality. Depending on how the brush is made, a plastic-handled brush may still work well and will be comfortable to use. Brushes with rubber handles are often ergonomically comfortable to use and fit well in your hand.


The best brushes for Goldendoodles should be durable and constructed to last. Make sure to read the product reviews from groomers and owners before purchasing. If several reviews report that a brush only lasted a few months, then it’s not worth buying.

Comfortable for Your Dog

In addition to being comfortable for you to use, a good quality brush should be comfortable for your dog’s skin and coat. When used correctly, the brush you use on a regular basis should never irritate your dog’s skin.

Appropriate Size

Before deciding on a specific brush, make sure you choose the right size for your dog. While a small dog brush won’t work for a large Goldendoodle, it might be the perfect size for a mini Goldendoodle.


Price compared to the value is important to consider choosing any dog brush. Make sure you choose a brush that has all the features you need. If you only shop for the cheapest price, you could end up with a brush that does not serve your purposes. That doesn’t mean that the most expensive brushes are always the best. You also need to choose the proper bristle type for your dog’s particular coat.

Should You Use a Dematting Tool on Goldendoodle?

Brushing and grooming your dog often is the best way to prevent mats. However, if your dog becomes matted or heavily tangled, it may be necessary to use a dematting tool, an undercoat rake, or dematting comb. While your first line of defense against matting is regular brushing, a dematting tool is a secondary option. Dematting tools are sharp and involve cutting the mats in some way, so exercise caution when using them. Detangling conditioners may also help prevent your dog’s coat from becoming severely tangled or matted. 

No matter what type of coat your Goldendoodle has, grooming is essential. Remember, consistent brushing and grooming is the best way to prevent mats and keep your dog’s coat looking healthy. Establish a routine grooming schedule for your dog, choose the best dog brush for Goldendoodle, and preferably brush them once a day.

Technique for Properly Brushing a Goldendoodle

Brushing your dog requires specific techniques to make sure you are doing it correctly. If you brush your dog nicely, then grooming will be a pleasant experience for both of you.

Brush Downward and Out

Make sure to brush in a downward direction and then out. Brush out one straight line of fur at a time. Take your time and make sure that you can see down to the skin as you go.This ensures that you are completely brushing the entire length of the hair. It’s not comfortable for dogs to be brushed in a backward motion, against the direction of their hair. 

Be Gentle

Remember to be gentle when brushing, especially if your dog is matted or tangled. It can be painful to brush through tangled hair.

Use A Detangling Spray

For difficult tangles and mats, a detangling spray can be very helpful. Always brush and use a detangling spray before bathing your dog because water can make matting worse.

My Recommendation for Best Detangling Spray for a Goldendoodle

All-Around Best:

Chris Christensen’s Just Divine Dog Brushing Spray

This conditioning spray can be used on a wet or dry coat and for comfortable and smooth brushing.

Not All Dog Brushes Are The Same

While there many dog brushes to choose from, not all are created equal. If you’re committed to taking care of your Goldendoodle’s coat on a regular basis, you can prevent matting and tangling from becoming a larger problem. Use a slicker brush to remove minor tangles or mats before they grow into large mats. Always remember to use gently brush out your Doodle after a bath. Use a slicker brush on wet dogs and curly-coated Goldendoodles. Use a pin brush or slicker on loose curls or wavier hair. If your dog has long hair or a straighter coat, a bristle brush can be useful. Try out several brushes to determine what works best on your dog’s particular coat. It may take some trial and error to find out what is the best choice for your dog. Remember, your Goldendoodle’s coat will change from the puppy coat to your dog’s adult dog coat. As your dog’s coat changes, you may need to add a different type of brush in order to properly care for your dog’s coat.

So, what’s the best brush for a Goldendoodle?

I have concluded the Big K slicker brush by Chris Christensen to be the overall best brush for Goldendoodle for all coat types. I’ve found it to work well whether my curly-coated Kai is long or is more grown out. I’ve also used it on Zuma who is wavy coated, and it works beautifully. Finally, it comes highly recommended by my professional groomer for all Goldendoodle coats. So, if you want to purchase only one dog brush for a Goldendoodle, then I think the Chris Christensen is the way to go for your regular at-home grooming routine.

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