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When it comes to the ideal blog post length for SEO, there are many answers. That’s the $100,000 question marketers ask themselves all the time. The truth is the answer depends on two things: what you’re trying to accomplish and who your audience is.

When creating content for your business you want the most bang for your buck, so you want to make the most of your efforts.

PR daily gathered some helpful research things to consider when deciding on the ideal blog post length for SEO.

Here’s what they learned:

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Determine the goal of your blog post before you write one word.

The ideal blog post length is not your first goal. Instead, think about the purpose of your blog post before you start writing. If you’re more focused on the length than its porpose, you’ll miss the mark. You have to start with step one before moving on to step two.

Are you looking for social media shares? Are you looking to rank well on Google? Do you want to promote conversation from your audience?

Know your audience.

Does your business have technical information that needs explaining? Does your niche require high quality pictures? Study successful blogs in your industry and notice what they’re doing. Are they publishing long, in-depth content? Or are they focused on sharing imagery?

Look at the data for determining the ideal blog post length.

When it comes to determining the ideal blog post length for your content, take a look at the research from the experts. Here is the data shared by PR Daily:

  • If you want more comments, your blog post should be about 275 words.
  • If you’re looking for shares on social medai, you should aim for 600 and 1500 words.
  • If you’re trying to rank highly on Google, strive for at least 2,500 words.

In addition, keep paragraphs should be short. Aim for two to three sentence paragraphs for SEO purposes. 

Serve Your Audience First 

Don’t get distracted by how many words your writing at the expense of what will help your audience. The most important goal is that they see you as a resource they come to over and over again. Bottom line: If you focus on serving your audience first, your efforts will reward you. 

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