The written word has great power. 

If you want to conquer obscurity, you need strategic web pages, blogs, online courses, and books.

I write for financial and real estate professionals who need: 

Writing that makes people say, “Oh, I want that….”

Books and courses that build trust and showcase expertise…

Blog posts that generate traffic and grow your audience…

Web copy that lets people know they’ve landed in the right place…

Customers to listen, give them money, and tell their friends about them…

Everything you write is a guiding light to new opportunity.

I can help you lead, connect and grow through strategic writing. Learn more about me here.

Super Writer Super Woman

Saving the world from crappy content, one website at a time.

Blog Post Packages

Quality copywriting is still the #1 Google Ranking Factor in its search ranking algorithm. Starting with strategically chosen topics, I help you publish in-depth blog posts that provide true value to your audience. This helps to fuel your brand’s online growth and generate more traffic. Select this service here.

Web Page Packages

I help you stand out with compelling web page copywriting. I fix common mistakes that can kill your message and cost you potential sales. With that goal in mind, I write web page content that’s readable, engaging and more persuasive. Select this service here.

Ghost Writing Services

Quality content writing is a key piece of any content marketing strategy. Often used as an opt-in lead magnet, ebooks are a great way to showcase your expertise and grow your email list. As a small business content writer, I create resources that help your audience understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision. Select this service here.

What My Clients Say

“We tossed Sandra into the deep end with very little guidance, and she turned out a great result in a highly technical field (network security) nicely done!”

Bryan P.

“What a great job Sandra did in writing the content for a new website. It was impressive how she was able to take the bits and fragments provided and turned that into pages of written copy. We are very happy with the work. I would not hesitate to hire Sandra again.” 

Israel C.

“A real pleasure to work with. Fast and accurate work and the writing style was great. Will be looking forward to working together with Sandra again in the near future.” 

Somi M.

Are you ready to amplify your expertise?

Guided Writer Self-Publishing Course

The Guided Writer Self-Publishing Course is an interactive, video-based course with a 67-page guide that walks you through process step-by-step. This course will help you even if you’re not a writer, or you’re overwhelmed by the thought of writing a book.  The action steps in each module will keep you engaged and moving forward. You’ll write a book that includes all the essential elements that get your customers hooked on doing business with you, making them your biggest referral source.

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Mighty Online Creators is for entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to make a bigger online impact (and more income) with their own:

Online course
Self-published book
Podcast or YouTube Channel
Freelancing business

Stay on top of the latest advice on designing courses, self-publishing, blogging, audio/video content creation and freelancing.

Start a Freelance Career


Are you looking to start a career in freelance writing? This $25 kit gives you essential tools to launch your own freelance writing business in one complete package. Here’s what’s inside:

Discover Your Specialty Worksheet

Client Invoice Template

Client Quote Questionnaire

Proposal Template

Proposal Cover Letter Templates

Letter of Agreement Templates

4 Cold Outreach Templates

Client Onboarding Trello Board

12 Month Blogging Planner Spreadsheet

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