Blog & Content Writing Services for Financial, Legal and Real Estate – Thousand Oaks, CA  

I write long-form content such as blogs, newsletters, and business-building books for entrepreneurs, so they can expand their reach both online and offline. 

SEO Writing Services

I write web pages, blogs, newsletters, and published books for entrepreneursfinancial and real estate professionals who need:  

Blog posts and web pages that generate traffic and grow their audience.


Customers to listen, give them money, and tell their friends about them. 

View my services to learn how I can help you lead, connect and grow through strategic writing.

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Past Clients

What Current and Past Clients Say…

“Sandra is a one-of-kind coach and author. She has the ability to teach and explain complex issues in simplified, easy to understand terms. She is a pleasure to work with and is an expert in her field. I recommend her highly.”

Sandra is a content writer, but so much more than that, she was truly a partner and went above and beyond our expectations.”

We tossed Sandra into the deep end with very little guidance, and she turned out a great result in a highly technical field. Nicely done!”

“We have worked with Sandra for quite some time now and it has been a pleasure throughout! She has all the qualities that we hoped for, great communication skills, meeting of deadlines but the best things went beyond all that. She is creative and really added to the project. She was contributed a lot of passion and knowledge and is a true co-creator. Will we work with Sandra again – I most certainly hope so and can strongly recommend her.”

“Sandra did a great job writing the content for a new client website. It was impressive how she was able to take the bits and fragments the client provided and turned that into pages of written copy. The client and I were very happy with her work. I would not hesitate to hire her again.”

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